Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 you wont be missed!!

I hope you had a very joyous and peaceful Christmas.
At this time of year it's important for us all to remember not to fall for the right wing propaganda that tries to tell us somebody somewhere is offended by our celebrating the birth of Christ. They're not, especially not Muslims who have been criminally demonised by the press and by my personal least favourite atheist Richard Dawkins.
I have always loved Christmas and feel great sympathy for those who struggle through it because they are remembering loved ones lost. I lost my beautiful little black cat who was very special and bright and only 3 years old on December 2nd. I cried for 5 days. Bubbles had belonged to my next door neighbour then became mine just recently after she had 3 kittens one of which stayed with the neighbour and is actually here for a wee visit now. Like Bubbles, Scruffy is very small even for a female cat which she is. As I wrote that last sentence she jumped up onto the back of my desk chair right next to my head to see what I was up to.
As my neighbour said Scruffy is "simple" and very sweet, when she bites you in play she doesn't dig her teeth in at all, just puts them round your fingers gently. Bubbles would occasionally scratch me and often scold me for not waking up early enough to let her back in after her pre-dawn adventures. It was so sweet being meowed at in admonishment by this tiny little soul. She had a habit of following me a long way on my walks and that stopped in the autumn when she ran out into the road and was hit by a car but was miraculously fine. I heard a loud bang and screamed and it was very upsetting. It happened again on the busy road in front of my flat on December the 2nd only I wasn't there. Another neighbour knocked on my door to tell me a black cat (of which we have many right around here) had been knocked down and put into a police car. I panicked hoping it wasn't Bubbles but also not Allycat who is black but with a little white patch. Allycat's been visiting me regularly for about 5 or 6 year and he is a lovely old boy. It was all a nightmare because after phonecalls and a visit to the police I had got nowhere and it turned out it was Ministry of Defence Police which we have loads of here in Helensburgh thanks to H.M.N.B Faslane. They had taken her to the nearest vet. I saw her and she was full of painkillers, the vet kindly gave us some hope when really there was none. He called me about 9.30 that night to tell me she had gone.
People agreed that it's the bright adventurous ones that go and I was reminded of the cliche about curiosity killing the cat. Everyone who knew Bubbles loved her. She was a highly intelligent little beauty.
I loved her so much and it cut me to pieces.
Now Scruffy has just let me know she wants to go out and I've nervously let her out. I'm not so worried about her but perhaps I should be. Do I want another cat? Yes to the point of checking the rescue cat pictures on the net quite often. I love cats so much and I want them to be free outdoors cats but I am very scared of losing another to the deadly motorcar.
So this year has been horrible in many ways. I’m not going to go in to my personal ups and downs of the year but I’ve had some pretty low points. I'd also like to remember Ray Manzarek of the Doors my favourite band, Philip Chevron of the Pogues, my other favourite band (I only have two I promise) Nelson Mandela and Colin Wilson. The last two came right after Bubbles.
Despite their monopoly of social media I do not intend to turn this into a Cat lover’s blog. Writing this was therapy. I know that I will miss my lovely little Bubbles for a very long time. I have never had children yet though I’ve always wanted to be a Mum and at my age I just need a little one to love. But I promise I will not make a habit of blogging about the cats, it’s just not what I want this to be.
So at the very end of unlucky 2013 I could not be looking forwards to the new year with any more anticipation.

Wishing everyone a very auspicious and happy 2014. 

Saturday, 14 December 2013


It was wrong of me to suggest for one minute that the only books I’d read were On the Road and No One Here Gets Out Alive and I would certainly wager a few quid Russell Brand has read a lot more books than me so no more false modesty I promise.
If it’s worth blogging at all you might as well try and say something important so I’ll go for the Lee Rigby murder trial and my seriously having to question whether this was a false flag or not.
The CCTV from outside the shop shows the blue Vectra coming up behind what really looks like Lee and we’re told the court was shown the rest; of him actually getting hit and we have Michael Adbolajo claiming innocence because he is a soldier of God.  A while back I dreamed he got found innocent and I asked him if he did it and he told me yes. I’m fairly sure my family are thinking it was obviously what they told us from the start.
Yet the photos, video and witness quotes from the press have some serious inconsistencies that are far from settled. Inconsistencies that I’m still unhappy about.

Upon reflection over the last ten years of my life in Helensburgh, (home of TV & Trident) a striking and disturbing trend has emerged. I have met so many murderers or people related to murder victims, rapists, arsonists and slash victims that to list them wouldn’t be right. Suffice to say I never met such people until I got here. Hate to know why I’ve settled here so well. 

Monday, 4 November 2013

Richard Dawkins has tweeted another cringing inner thought: 
"Bin Laden has won, in airports of the world every day. I had a little jar of honey, now thrown away by rule-bound dundridges. STUPID waste"
Little he seems to know that the CIA created the Taliban and Bin Laden. The only winner is Big Brother. 

Friday, 1 November 2013

Here's what I tried to post yesterday.

Halloween 2013
This Halloween kill your TV without harming it.
Switch it off.
Go to the electronics shop and get a cheap TV to laptop lead.
You don't have to pay unless you watch it whilst its showing on the channel.
You just have to wait 'til it's over to watch it free.
So you're not really killing your TV
But you are advised to leave the BBC
and kindly let them know on their no license declaration page.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Brand new?

Everybody is still on about Russell Brand. Here's what Graham Hancock posted today on Facebook: "If you haven't seen this yet, see it now! Russell Brand proves his stature, and wins by a knockout, in this fantastic 10-minute bout with heavyweight political journalist Jeremy Paxman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YR4CseY9pk. Russell has just guest-edited the latest issue (25-31 October 2013) of the British political magazine New Statesman, on the subject of Revolution. Russell kindly invited me to contribute an article to the issue. It's entitled "The War on Consciousness" and appears on page 59."

The wonderful Abby Martin yesterday hailed this Paxman/Brand Newsnight interview and called him a genius.

I always feel a tiny bit cheated whenever it's about Brand. At 15 I discovered the Doors and Jim Morrison became the biggest influence in my life. Then I got a bit older and there was a new comedian who was constantly imitating him; Russell Brand. I had known a successful act could be manufactured by Morrison imitation and I had wanted it to be me. Haha.

I have just shared a Brand quote about the BBC which is EXACTLY how I feel about it. Yesterday I shared someones blog post in criticism of the Brand interview which coincidentally mentions Morrison but not in the same way I am, he doesn't say how Brand is similar to Morrison but he describes Brand as a puppet of the elite & Morrison as a CIA asset.

It's that feeling of having been cheated that usually put's me off watching most of what Brand does. I just feel I can see straight through him. An interview with Kay Perry about her song about him just confirmed my beliefs. She says Brand pointed her to "On the Road" by Kerouac and the description of Dean Moriarty as like a firework and she wrote the song "Firework" in honour of Brand himself. It all comes from one book. Jim Morrison himself was extremely clever and arguably a genius. He had read an incredible number of books as a youth and his literary influences were vast. At college he would challenge friends to pick up any one of his huge collection and read the first sentence of any random page they chose. From that he would tell them what book it was. He must have had a photographic memory which is a very rare thing indeed.

All I did was read Jim Morrison's biography & a few Kerouac books to get an overview of his psychology. It's obvious Brand did exactly the same as me. As a child I had loved the Greek mythology, theatre, music and film just like Jim Morrison so I already a personality that was attuned to him.

So we arrive at this point, where Brand is talking openly about revolution as am I. We're not teenagers anymore. We're both nearly 40 so this talk of revolution is nothing to do with adolescent rebellion. I am shocked to find myself in the political position I am now. I grew up in a strictly labour voting family and I never expected to find that the entire British democratic process was a con. Labour and Conservative are the 2 heads of the 2 headed snake and all the large political parties answer only to bankers and big corporations. 

What Brand said about the BBC, which is exactly what I think is this: "Its not just the BBC reporting WTC7 falling 23 minutes before it did on 911, it's also the Jimmy Saville/Royal Family/Government paedophile connections. That's why I want to see a revolution, the whole thing's depraved and disgusting, right at the very top of British society. I think when people investigate this for themselves, as they can so easily do on the internet, they are going to be horrified at what they discover"

I suppose I need to stop feeling cheated, accept my life as it is and watch the damn interview so I can join in this latest debate.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Those waging the "War on Terror" ARE the Terrorists.

On my first day as a blogger I wanted to include 2 incredibly intelligent and logical sources. The first was the Alan Watt interview and the second is this article by Paul David Collins.
There is absolutely no paranoia or "conspiracy" (in the pejorative sense) in either of these sources. This Collins article is simply the facts. Each claim made is accompanied by references.
Naturally I wish that all my friends and especially my family could watch and read this interview and article. I want them to see where I coming from now. I'm not mad. The things I have been looking into have given me a great deal to think about. If anyone could provide me with convincing evidence that 9/11 was not a set up I would truly thank them. I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge about what is really going on in the world and how we got to where we are today.
I have never understood that given the scientific, technological and cultural advancements we see now and the rate of advancement, how we still live in such an unfair world.
About one week of the US military spending would wipe out world hunger. A years salary of the worlds top 100 richest people would do the same.
In a few very simple ways we could eliminate the worlds gravest problems so why, with all the mind boggling high technology and scientific and social attainment are we still in such a disgraceful mess? The answers are in these two sources I give you.
We need to question why the word "conspiracy" has been given such negative connotations anyway but all the same please do not be put off by the title of the website that presents this article.


Alan Watt

Introducing you to the super intelligent Alan Watt. This guy has 
read everything. He understands the true nature of the control the world's elite have always had over us. He provides the most logical analysis of what has been happening since the sexual revolution of the 60's & the introduction of the mind controlling television. There is absolutely no conspiracy or paranoia here. Just the real history of civilization & "democracy" since Plato. I particularly wish that my family will watch this incredible interview for an understanding of where I am coming from these days. 
PS He's got a lovely Scottish accent.